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1. What types of TV models do you repair?

We specialize in repairing LED TVs, LCD TVs, and 4K TVs from various brands.

3. Can you assist with identifying the faulty part in my TV?

  • Yes, we offer diagnostics and can help you identify the faulty component in your TV.

5. Can you repair TVs under warranty from the manufacturer?

We can repair TVs under warranty as long as the warranty terms allow third-party repairs. Please consult your manufacturer’s warranty guidelines for more information.

2. Do you provide spare parts for these TVs?

Yes, we have a wide range of spare parts available for most popular TV models.

4. What are your repair service charges, and do they include spare parts

Repair service charges may vary depending on the specific issue. Spare parts and labor costs are usually separate and will be discussed during the diagnostic process.

What brands of TVs do you work on?

We work on TVs from a wide range of brands. Please inquire about your specific brand and model.

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